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About Digi Health

Medical specialty concerned with the care of acutely ill hospitalized patients

Digi Health is a platform where people can easily verify information or outbreak in the health sector. Additionally, accessing healthcare service in Nigeria is extremely expensive and sometimes poor hence we decided to develop innovative software to allow people verify news from the health sector and at the same time give them access to quality healthcare service on our web based system. Health is Wealth, we are solving this problem for the general public, anything that has to do with our wellbeing and state of health affects everyone. We believe it is the prerogative of all citizens to remain healthy and free from any diseases or infection. We are driven with the passion to reduce the rate of death due to uncontrollable outbreak of diseases and mismanagement of information. Another important service our web based system is offering is to give the opportunity for people experiencing health challenges to be attended to by our medical team online.

Primary Care

Not all information is reliable. Ask your doctor for guidance.

Lab Test

Find out about your tests and treatments before they happen.

Symptom Check

Ask to be told who will be doing your procedure and what will happen to you.

Heart Rate

Feedback helps health professionals spot when improvements can be made.

We Provide Health Care Consultation

Your Health is Our Top Priority with Comprehensive, Affordable medical.